Normal registration
31 Jul - 18 Oct 23:59
Late registrations
18 Oct - 25 Oct 23:59
Event starts 29 Oct


Small scale - Well-run event for BJJ enthousiasts. Double knock-out. Easy going BJJ tournament for all belts.

This time with adults and masters divisions.


We've divided the masters into two masters divisions, Masters 1 (30-40) & Masters 2 (40+).

White belts will be divided in two divisions, White belt beginners (0 - 6 months experience) White belt advanced (6+ months years experience). All atlethes with more then 2 years experience in similar martial arts (see IBJJF rulebook article 5.3) have to register as at least a blue belt.


Age: 16 and older (adults)

Weight class: -57,5kg, -64kg, -70kg, -76kg, -82,3kg, -88,3kg, -94,3kg, -100,5kg & +100,5


Age: 16 and older (adults)

Weight class: -48,5kg, -53,5kg, -58,5 kg, -64kg, -69kg, -74kg, -79,3kg & +79,3kg

Note: if there are to few competitors in a division (belt or weight) the organization will move the competitor up to the next available higher division (weight divisions will be merged with the division below).


Adults & Masters 1:

4 minutes - White belts

5 minutes - Blue belts

6 minutes - Purple belts

7 minutes - Elite belts (brown & black)

Masters 2:

5 minutes - All belts (except white: 4 mins)

Note: if there are combined brackets with different belt levels, the match duration of the lowest belt level will be applied.


Our event will be contested under IBJJF standards. You can find the rules on

Note: In all situations that recall a belt difference, the lower belt rules will be applied.


Doors open at 11:00. Event starts at 13:00. We expect to end at 17:00.


  • Weigh-in opens at 12:00 and closes 1 hour before your first fight.
  • All competitors weigh-in. 
  • When you're competing in the '+' divisions (Men 100+ and Women 74+) you also need to show up at weigh-in so we know you're present.  

fight time

It is your responsibility to be on time at the mat. If you're not on time a DQ will follow. Check out Smoothcomp before and during the tournament to see the estimated time of your matches. Timelines are constantly changing. Make sure to refresh on your phone or check the screens (automated refresh) 

visitor rules

NO Visitors for Adults. Zero. Nada. Noppes, Zilch. We love the fighters only vibe and because of this we can allow you close to the mat. Please respect it and don't make us send away your parents ;)

ONE Coach if your team has 1 or 2 participants. TWO coaches for 3 or more.



  • Female Gi 30 EUR
    16 years and above
  • Male Gi 30 EUR
    16 years and above

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