As BJJ practitioners and competition organizers we have a good perspective of what is going well, and what needs improvement. The following points are what we think needs to improve first.

Dutch Champion

In selected events you can score points, and at the end of the year, the top competitors can fight each other for the official "dutch champion" title. All events on our page are point events. 

Athlete support

The dutch champions will receive $$ compensation for their costs made for the IBJJF europeans. How much? That depends on the amount of BJJFNL members. We expect it to start low, but in a few years to be able to send our best to the Europeans all expenses paid. And we hope to be able to do more! But let's just start first.

Referee Courses and support

Our goal is to offer good courses/apprenticeships to become a BJJ/Grappling referee. Also we will establish a database of referees for events.

To help organizers and referees alike and to give athletes the best experience possible.

Who are we

A bunch of BJJ fanatics who are into the sport and are also organizing events and seminars.

Maarten  - Has a background as competitor, bjj trainer and competition organizer. Maarten has been involved with martial arts for over 20 years and is looking forward to help the Dutch BJJ scene to the top.

Jochem - From being an active competitor, to running a bjj/mma team to running a gym and sports event business, Jochem has been busy in this sport for 20 years. 

Tum - As a full time BJJ & grappling teacher, and content creator, running his own team Tum is focussing all his energy on sharing the love of Jiu-Jitsu and martial arts in general, aiming to improve people's life as it has his.