Early bird registrations
18 Oct - 01 May 00:00
Normal registration
01 May - 17 Jun 23:59
Late registrations
17 Jun - 01 Jul 23:59
Event dates 06 Jul - 07 Jul

King of the Beach 2024

Most awesome Grappling and BJJ experience in Europe. Round-Robin / Poule system for many fights, massages, food are back!


King of the Beach is the biggest outdoor BJJ and Grappling tournament of Europe. It’s our mission to deliver you the best competition experience by combining great fights, relaxing music, lovely foods and beautiful sun. This year will be edition XI.

Gi & no-gi competition days

Saturday 06 July - No-gi divisions - King of the Beach Rules (advanced and up heelhooks are allowed)

Sunday 07 July - Gi divisions - IBJJF Rules

Note: In all situations that recall a belt difference, the lower belt rules will be applied.

Adults/masters division discount:

Register for both Gi & No-gi and get the second division for € 50,-.

King of the beach 1000,-

All first place winners from the brown belt/elite and black belt/pro divisions get a shot to become KING OF THE BEACH in a single knock-out tournament after the regular division.

IMPORTANT: The Winner of this Division gets a 1000,- IF THERE ARE MORE THEN 50 ELITE fighters registered in that division. If there are less, the amount of elites x 20 euro is the main prize. (so example, if there are 20 female elite No-Gi competitors, winner gets 400,-)

A minimum of 250,- prize is always guaranteed by us.

SCHEDULE - for both days

08:00 Doors open

08:00 Start weigh-in

10:00 Kick-off first matches

12:00 Weigh-in closes

18:00 Competition end


  • Saturday No-Gi Female 75 EUR
    16 years and above
  • Saturday No-Gi Male 75 EUR
    16 years and above
  • Saturday No-Gi Kids 25 EUR
    Kids 4-15 years
  • Sunday Female Gi 75 EUR
    16 years and above
  • Sunday Male Gi 75 EUR
    16 years and above
  • Sunday Kids Gi 25 EUR
    Kids 4-15 years

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