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Kaizen League OPEN Gi & NoGi and Absolute

4-fight Round Robin Kaizen League OPEN Zwolle: February 24, 2024

Kaizen League OPEN Gi & NoGi and Absolute 4-fight Round Robin

European Kaizen League OPEN Zwolle: February 24, 2024

By grapplers for grapplers

Qualify for a spot at the Kaizen League Invitationals show

GI and No-GI and Absolute Competitions

Location: The Theater of Sport Landstede Sporthal, Hogeland 10, Zwolle, Netherlands

Highlights of the Event:

- Engage in a 4-fight Round Robin.

- Custom medals.

- Absolute awards unique to Kaizen

- Earn your spot at the Kaizen League invitationals.

- Spacious mat areas, 

- Top-tier referees, 

- Formidable competition.

- Media moment for the winners

- With an environment catered towards fighters comfort with amenities like free parking, clean toilets, 

- Special big warm-up room.

- Special stage for winners of prizes

- Absolute Finals will be filmed by Bouwmeester Media

- Immerse yourself in a vibrant atmosphere, complemented by good music and great food.

Win the 'Social Submission of the Day

How to participate? Have your matches filmed by your coach, training partner, or supporter. If there's a submission, post it on Instagram and tag us in your post.

The top three submissions will be selected by the Kaizen league comittee. Then, the followers of Kaizen League will choose the winner.

Event Timeline: Doors Open @ 7:30am | Event starts @ 9am

FORMAT and PROTOCOL: Kaizen League OPEN embraces the Round Robin format, 
 a minimum of 4 matches for divisions accommodating up to 5 competitors. In the realms of Gi and NoGi, you have the opportunity to immerse in over 8 dynamic contests. A tradition of point-centric structure is upheld, where a spectrum of legal submissions are celebrated.


For Gi competitors: IBJJF rules.  

No-Gi competitors:  ADCC regulations and techniques.

Weigh-ins for both categories are without the GI, and participants only need to weigh in once.

Beginners (Withe belt): Less than 2 years of training Grappling, BJJ, Judo, Wrestling, Sambo etc. and NO Professional MMA fights
Time Table
ROUNDS = 5 mins / with 02:30 mins overtime if it's a draw. (Max. 1 overtime)- First 02:30 mins no points- Second 02:30 mins with points (negative and positive points)- Overtime 02:30 mins (negative and positive points)  

Intermediate (Blue and Purple): Between 2 till 4 years of training Grappling, BJJ, Judo, Wrestling, Sambo etc. or professional MMA fights.
Time table: 
ROUNDS = 6 mins / with 3 mins overtime if it's a draw. (Max. 1 overtime)- First 3 mins no points- Second 3 mins with points (negative and positive points)- Overtime 3 mins (negative and positive points)  

Professional (Black and Brown) : More than 4 years of training Grappling, BJJ, Judo, Wrestling, Sambo etc. or professional MMA fights.
Time table  NATIONAL & OPEN
ROUNDS = 6 mins / with 3 mins overtime if it's a draw. (Max. 1 overtime)- First 3 mins no points- Second 3 mins with points (negative and positive points)- Overtime 3 mins (negative and positive points)  

- Click here for the ADCC ruleset. 
- Click here for the ADCC regulations.


The scoreboard is to be configured as follows






The manual scoreboard shall be placed on the table in such a way that the green-and-yellow half is on the right of the referee,

Time table IBJJF

Adult :

05 minutes – White
06 minutes – Blue
07 minutes – Purple
08 minutes – Brown
10 minutes – Black
05 minutes – White / Blue
06 minutes – Purple / Brown / Black 
Master 2
05 minutes  


Early Bird Registration : €40 (Register before November 30 at 11:59pm)

Normal Registration : €50 (Register before February 03 at 11:59pm)

Late Registration : €65 (Register before February 20  at 11:59pm) Per 

Absolute Division: €20 

Spectators: €10.00 at the event

DIVISIONS and REGISTRATION:  Divisions flourish from adults to masters, inclusive of absolute categories. Ensure to register early to seize the best rates and to secure your battleground.

COMPETITOR PREPARATION:  Be vigilant and prepared. Utilize the resources such as live brackets and schedules on Smoothcomp to ensure you are timely and ready for your matches.

REFUND POLICY: No refunds will be processed, ensuring the integrity and commitment to the competition.

ORGANISATIONAL EXCELLENCE: From competent refereeing to meticulous crowd control and availability of a professional medic, every facet is orchestrated for a seamless competitive experience.

AWARDS and RECOGNITIONS: The event is heralded with custom medals and remarkable absolute award unique in sports world.

 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places on the podium


The competitors are allowed to have 1 coach with them at the competition area. There will be a chair on each side of the score table, one for each coach. 1 coach per team for 1-2 competitors, 2 coaches per team for 3-4 competitors 3 coaches per team for 5-6 competitors and 4 coaches per team for more then 6 competitors.

COACH CHAIR and CROWD CONTROL: We will have 1 chair on each side of every score table, 1 for each coach of the competitor on the mat. The only other people allowed within the barricades during the tournament are the competitors on the mat having their match and the competitors on deck.

MEDIC ON HAND: A professional medic will be available on-site, ensuring participants' safety and well-being. WARM-UP MATS/ room: Efforts are made to provide a dedicated warm-up area for competitors, although it is subject to space availability. 

TV SCOREBOARDS: Kaizen League OPEN boasts exceptional scoreboard displays, enhancing the competitive experience and spectator engagement. 

TEAM AWARDS: Honoring the spirit of teamwork and excellence, special awards will be presented to outstanding teams, commemorating their collective achievement and success. 

DIVISION RESULTS: Live updates of division brackets and final placements will be continuously available, ensuring transparency and timely information for all participants.

BRACKETS and SCHEDULE: Detailed schedules and brackets will be available 48 hours prior to the event, ensuring participants and spectators can plan accordingly.

WEIGH-INS: Conducted on the event day. Participants competing in multiple divisions need to weigh in only once and with out the the GI.

This event will be a comprehensive Jiu-Jitsu experience, featuring multiple stands with merchandise, a protein shop, and everything the sport has to offer! 🥋🌐


Joining the Kaizen League Open is your ticket to an incredible sports experience! It’s more than just a competition - it’s where excellence meets passion in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and grappling.

Here’s why athletes love participating:

Showcase Your Skills: A place to demonstrate your hard-earned abilities in BJJ and grappling.

Learn and Grow: Competing with diverse athletes provides a fantastic learning ground.

Great Atmosphere: Be part of a supportive and energetic community that shares your passion.

Win Amazing Prizes: Chance to earn remarkable awards and recognition.

Check out the testimonials below to see what they're saying!


  • Male Gi 50 EUR
  • Female Gi 50 EUR
  • Male No-Gi 50 EUR
  • Female No-Gi 50 EUR
  • Male Gi ( Black Belt ) 0 EUR
  • Male No-Gi (Black Belt) 0 EUR
  • Female No-Gi (Black Belt) 0 EUR
  • Female Gi ( Black Belt ) 0 EUR
  • Male Absolute No-Gi 20 EUR
  • Female Absolute No-Gi 20 EUR
  • Male Absolute Gi 20 EUR
  • Female Absolute Gi 20 EUR

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